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The End of the Story..

Inspiring Generations Enterprise (IGE) was founded by Themitha Renee Garner

aka T. Renee

Her vision a safe place to heal after trauma.

  thru Inspiration and Empowerment.

With a passion for helping individuals overcome the lasting effects of mental trauma and painful memories, T. Renee has become a driving force in the conquering mindset movement to inspire generational change. Through her commitment to personal growth and transformation, she strives to create a world where people can flourish in life, unburdened by the weight of their past.

One significant moment that reinforced T. Renee's mission was when an 81-year-old woman attended a pop-up stageplay at the Blue Dolphin in 2018. The woman stayed up at her girlfriend's house, releasing the pain of her past trauma. Witnessing the impact of her work, T. Renee realized the importance of creating a safe space to help the world heal from domestic violence and trauma!

Meet The Board

All I sought was a secure space to express myself on my terms. I never should have found myself in this situation, I believed.

Why am I here again! 

As she delved deeper into her research and conducted interviews with women for her book, she discovered that the term she had coined, "the Man Monster™," had a much broader impact than she had initially thought. It wasn't limited to abusive behavior from men to women. Rather, it encompassed behaviors that were contrary to love, as described in 1st Corinthians 13:4-7 – love is patient, love is not s   piteful, love is kind, love forgives, love doesn't inflict harm, and love encompasses all. Any behavior that deviated from these principles, such as negativity, holding grudges, causing harm, or fighting, constituted what love was not. This behavior, if left unchecked, resembled a monstrous aspect that every individual could possess within their inner self. Thus, the Man Monster™ behaviors weren't just narratives; they were abusive mindsets that disregarded the well-being of others.

Understanding that a person's soul is intricately linked to their mindset, T. Renee realized that we all carry trauma that shapes our mental state. Through Inspiring Generation Enterprise (IGE), she aimed to guide people in addressing their inner Man Monsters™ and the associated negative mental behaviors. Her mission was to help people understand how the Man Monster™ had taken hold of their souls and, through IGE, teach them how to reclaim their lives and lead a magnificent existence.


Now, with a remarkable ensemble of individuals and a dedicated board of directors by her side, T. Renee was poised to embark on a journey that would not only uplift her own generation but also inspire generations to come. They were a team prepared to contribute their talents and expertise to various facets of her vision, including stage productions, behind-the-scenes production work, and the mission of Inspiring Generation Enterprise (IGE). United in their passion and dedication, they were ready to make a global impact. Their collective effort was set to resonate worldwide, reaching communities far and wide. Their commitment to inspiring positive change was unwavering, and they were prepared to leave an indelible mark on the world. Together, they understood the profound importance of their mission, recognizing that each community they touched would be ignited with inspiration. Their collaborative efforts were set to transcend borders, creating a ripple effect of positive transformation in countless lives. T. Renee and her exceptional team were ready to lead with purpose, leaving an enduring legacy of hope and empowerment for generations to come.
IGE mission helps survivors and people in need whether men, women or teens by providing education, wisdom, and understanding so they experience an inspirational change and ability within to transform...

Donate if You can Relate to IGE's story and there i is more to the story...

Inspiring Generations is about impacting family too, in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, T. Renee had a conversation with her younger brother, who had been incarcerated since the age of 20 and 20 years later still incarcerated. With hopes of a release date soon, she antic pates her brother's return.  The two dreamed of his return and one day started looking for homes and programs that would except his background if and when released from prison. 

The results were alarming. The trauma of returning home rate was low and the returning to prison rate was very high in Maryland. The quality of program for returning citizens were limited and poor-quality conditioned homes. 

 T. Renee decided to incorporate a housing aspect into IGE, focusing on the reentry of individuals in Maryland. Specifically for those young adults under the age of 24 years old with major life sentence. Similar to her brother's experiences in prison, being locked up at a young age when the brain is still developing mentally according to science, inspired her to advocate for reform of returning citizens.

"Through IGE we aimed to address the reentry needs of individuals who were released from prison and provide support to reduce recidivism."

 Through Inspiring Generations Enterprise (IGE), T. Renee Garner and her brother Robert hope to inspire individuals to navigate life's traumas, provide them with the resources and support they need to heal, and empower future generations to live fulfilling lives. There is Healing through Education Housing and Earning {HEHE) for marvelous life through Inspiring Generations Enterprise. This is the hope for all who come into contact with Inspiring Generations Enterprise and is supported through IGE’s programs. We Inspire, Develop, and Conquer by Transforming Trauma, we are Inspiring Generations Enterprise.”

As T. Renee shared her story, it gained recognition in various media outlets such as The Washington Post and Reader's Digest. Her international bestseller, "Conquer the Man-Monster Now and Live a Marvelous Life," further propelled her message of overcoming trauma and reclaiming one's life   

IGE Now expand its trauma mission to include Helping the RE-ENTRY of Returning Citizens... I think most of the world can relate or have a relative who has been in the criminal system. In Maryland there will be a safe place to re-enter through IGE using arts as a tool to transform while working a job.



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If you are a counselor or a business owner seeking to collorborate with our mission please send an email to [email protected]

  • Do you know someone that have been domestic abuse relationship?

  • Do you know someone that have been incarcerated as a young adult under the age of 24 years old with a sentence of 20 years or more e.g. life?

  • Do you know the signs of finaical abuse in a relationship?

  • Do you know someone who needs help with housing and finding a job?

  • Do you know someone who can use support in crithical thinking?

  • Do you know someoone who could find value in Group Counseling Sessions

  • Do you know someone who could benefit from Life Skills and Trauma-Informed Care Education

  • Do you know someone you would share the IGE Coaching and Mentorship Hotline

Inspiring Generations Enterpriese Is Supporting the Community and Schools with Tools 


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