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Our mission to helps survivors and people in need whether men, women or teens by providing education wisdom and understanding to experience an inspirational change and inspire ability within to transform

At Inspiring Generations Enterprise, our profound mission lies in supporting survivors and those in need with unwavering dedication. Through the potent combination of education, wisdom, and understanding, we catalyze an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and growth, enabling individuals to unlock their true potential. Join us on this empowering quest as we ignite the spark of inspiration within, leading to life-altering transformations that resonate for generations to come! Together, we can forge a brighter future, one filled with limitless possibilities."

IGE's Vision is to create a society where every individual can thrive and realize their full potential life after trauma...

Empowering Resilience: Unleashing the Triumph Within – At Inspiring Generations Enterprise (IGE), our visionary goal is to build a society where every individual can not only survive but truly thrive, reaching their fullest potential despite life's toughest challenges. For those who have faced trauma, mental health struggles, or endured domestic violence, the journey may seem daunting

 However, with unwavering support and our transformative programs, IGE envisions a world where returning citizens and survivors can emerge stronger, resilient, and empowered to embrace a future filled with hope, healing, and endless possibilities. Together, let us paint a future where adversities are stepping stones to greatness, and every soul triumphs in their unique journey of growth and renewal.

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Together, our Board of Directors unites diverse expertise and unwavering dedication to further IGE's mission of empowering and transforming lives.

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Your support and contributions will enable us to serve our youth through scholarships, life skills, promote literacy, and offer opportunities that create a bright future. Your generous donation will fund our vision of Creating Tomorrow's Leaders Today.


Objective Top 3 Objectives2

1) Provide comprehensive support services for individuals who have experienced trauma, mental health issues, and domestic violence

2) Guide and assist youth involved in the judicial system by helping overcome challenges and find a path toward success by supporting the reintegratioin returning home

3) Create homes for teens young adults to transition into adult living serving the importance of family integration and inspiring connection to generations.

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Strategic Action Plan

IGE's top three strategic action plan items

1) Partner with local therapists, counselors, and organizations that align with IGE mission to provide support services.

2. Recruit and train dedicated mentors who can provide guidance, motivation, and support to individuals seeking assistance.

3. Collaborate and build relationships with employers and real estate agents to facilitate secure

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Life with Self ❤️After Trauma

Your support and contributions will enable us to serve our community of returning citizen of youth charges and domestic violence survivors of trauma with life skills, promote literacy, and offer opportunities that create a bright future by bringing awareness to domestic violence tramua's. Your generous donation will fund our vision of society where every individual can thrive and realize their full potential.


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